Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009

Team Camp 2009

This past weekend marked our team camp for the senior men segment of the Mesa Cycles Racing team. The plan was for the team to meet a the shop and proceed out to Klondike park for an evening of cabin camping and revelry before an in depth firearm session at Busch Wildlife the following day. After gun play, the weekend would be capped off with an extended freeroad throwdown on the Katy trail, the best option since the saturation of the area singletrack.
Unfortunately, there was a sale at the Dress Barn that seemed to span the entirety of Saturday night as our group numbered only six. Nonetheless, we proceeded to our destination with much beer and food in tow and set about preparing ourselves for the merriment that was to follow. After a delicious meal of Boca fajitas prepared by resident Mesa chef Christopher Connolly, we set out for a pseudo hike around the park. With a freakish heatwave in the mid 60's, our walk up the crushed limestone ridge was as pleasant as was imaginable on an early February evening. The trek was capped off with Giovanni's descent of a near vertical cliff face on his GT Team Trials rig. Visibility was an issue and the DH run was interupted by a few large rocks hiding in the shadows, resulting in a broken brake and a bruised thigh. After limping back to the cabin, we continued to work our way through several imperial ipa's before retiring to the bunk beds.

The next day was greeted by pleasant temperatures and a health packed breakfast before we headed north to Busch for the first annual Mesa firearm bonanza. Evidently, the Dress Barn sale was a two day event as only a handful of additional parties had arrived for the days festivities. After an hour with various assault rifles and hand cannons, the group disbanded and DB and I were the only ones left for the days ride. No matter as we had a blissful three hours on dirt with 50 degree temperatures. Forty five miles later, team camp was over and I headed home, extremely pleased with the weekend. The turnout could certainly have been better, but the group that showed up either day was quality and we had some good time. I look forward to the coming season of racing with these guys and this weekend set a positive tone for the coming months. I'm itching to get racing again even though the first few events will only be for training. Regardless, the winter had dragged on long enough and the past week of balmy temperatures has me ready for spring. Bring it, I'm ready.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


This winter's been rough so far. Not Wisconsin or Minnesota rough, but more than I care for. Anyhow, between roller sessions, yoga and a bit of weight training, I've been keeping busy. Truthfully, not as busy as I'd hoped to be in order to bring myself up a level for '09, but better than what was going on in the last half of December. It's alright, I get worked up a bit this time every year when I'm behind the ball, but it's important to note that it is still only January and I have a good few months before the serious MTB objectives. More and more, it seems that CX is all I should focus on, but the rest of it is so much fun, I can't help but want to bump it up a notch every year. Hopefully, I reached a new level this past season, but even if I'm wrong, I will still have a blast with the expanded Midwest Fat Tire Series this year, so it's all positive. I also have sick new bike,which is bringing me no end of joy and inspiring me to ride off road more than any time in the last several years, so all that's good stuff. Ultimately, I'm happy and excited for the coming year, I just need to get through the next couple months and I'm gold. Team camp this weekend, complete with firearms, and a late season big money CX race the week after so there's a bit to keep me occupied for now. Bring on the OZ epic!