Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cyclocross 2011

Try as I might, it seems unlikely that I will acheive the levels of fitness I had last year. They weren't spectacular, but I won a race and help my own in the top ten of the A's for most of the season. This year, as much as I would like my racing to look like this, going fast and such, it will most likely look like this. The important thing here is that I remember to have as much fun on my bike as possible becasue I need to set a good example for this guy,
for whom I am now dedicating more energy than I ever did racing a bike. I thinks it's going to be a great fall, despite the inevitablly immense suffering I will experience when I line up to race. It's all for fun though, so as long as I keep my eye on that prize, I'm golden. On the plus side, I am lucky enough to be rolling on some rockstar treads, whatever my results may be. Stay tuned as I look to find out if commuting three days a week and a race on Sunday with a couple blocks of two hours of sleep a night is enough to make it physically bearable while racing. Time will tell...