Friday, May 29, 2009

Madrid 2009

Giro 2009

Holy fucking shit today's finish up Mt. Vesuvius was bike racing at its best. Go watch it now. Hopefully, video to follow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

Memorial Day epics have been somewhat of a standard for me in the last few years with changing venues and riding patners. The last three years have also incorporated camping and attempts at multiple epics, with varying results due to weather conditions. This past weekend was no exception.

Loaded up after the Saturday shift with Davey B, we rolled down to Council Bluff meeting up with our respective lady friends and Drew and Sment. Christopher and Teags arrived later and we set about some quality liver training padded with a healthy dose of grilled soy and corn. The next day saw intermittent sprinkles and a hazy, lazy start to the day. We eventually settled on North Trace for a ride, figuring its proximity limited the potential for massive amounts of downed trees. The suspicion proved correct as we came across a standard amount for a typical OT run. The descents were high speed sweepers with loads of traction and the climbs were even graded rollers which took little momentum. My smile and elation were far reaching for the ten-ish miles of singletrack I rode before a two inch slice in my rear tire halted my progress. North trace being an out and back, I was about as far from camp as possible and the rain was picking up steam. I decided to hike the rest of the trail to Hazel Creek and wait for my riding partners to pick me up. I hiked in the pouring rain through muddy terrain and several deep creek crossings to the horse camp and thought for a minute about sitting in my soaking kit waiting for a ride for two hours. It didn't sound appealing so I got directions back to Council Bluff, figuring I would run into the rescue party along the way. At least I could keep moving and warm. I started walking but quickly realized I could just ride the flat and began a slow trek back toward camp. As the miles went by, I was sure I would see Drew coming my way, but by the time I made it to DD, I almost wanted to finish on my own. After two hours, I made it back to camp and was surprised that I had not seen the search party and that they were still on the hunt for me. Regardless, I was wasted and in need of some food. After about an hour, Dave and Drew returned having completed a 75 mile back road hunt for me. True friends. Luckily, everyone made it back safe and sound and prepared for another night of liver dead lifts. Save for a blender mishap, the rest of the night went smoothly.

The next day was a wet one, ending any chance of another ride and we retreated to the city for a day of rest topped off with margaritas and enchiladas. I do love this holiday, but I tend to agree with Dave that we're owed one with some quality weather after the soaking the last two years. Either way, good times had by all and some serious personal character building to boot. Not a bad start to the real summer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I need to work on my climbing... and endurance.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Castlewood cancelled. Could this spring be even worse than last spring for mountain bike racing? Having only done one so far, I'll have to say yes. There's always the Tuesday nights...